Evidence for freewill?

The world, all of nature, operates in harmonic symphony. All encompassing,  balancing the needs of mineral, plant or animal ensuring equality of resources and needs. Lovelock‘s Gaia so brilliantly describes this machine I’ll leave you to read his word on the subject (http://www.jameslovelock.org/).

So if we agree the hypothesis of Gaia, how have we come to find the world so unbalanced, stripped of its resources?

The answer, humanity distinguishing feature: free will.

The birth of the individual has led relentlessly to this point. An unforeseen mutation of DNA, it’s wrought destruction versus the rest of DNA’s evolutionary missteps. The consequences of this twist of the helix means not just our own self-destruction. We’re going to bring the whole house down!

This relentless path we tread towards apocalypse runs deep, and is as we’ve seen the rest of nature and its infinite beauty. For evolution’s very nature, its multitude of self replicating machines; the software DNA. Everything owing their uniqueness to the system’s failure to perfectly fashion a carbon copy. But instead an impressionistic self-portrait. The simple introduction of these errors, so random, the microscopic world of DNA’S yin to the yang of its offspring: the precisionate balance of nature, bringing  with it such perfect equilibrium to all varieties of life it creates.

But remember where I started. It’s not as perfect as it might seem. Survival of the fittest is of this randomness‘  very nature. And free will is surely the clearest and most tragically successful manifestation of the fittest?


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